The Perfect Storm for Universities

09 Dec

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An article by the academic, public speaker and author with extensive international experience in leadership in the global research arena, Dr Stefan Popenici looks at the new data and analysis that increase the anxiety that the current monopoly of higher education will be lost and just few universities will survive.


The article looks beyond the obvious and massive impact of Internet and online education and identifies an increasing number of othe disruptive factors that are leading the higher education sector into the perfect storm.


he covers in detail these other disruptive forces including: the significant increase of youth isolation and marginalization, graduate unemployment and persistent underemployment, a concerning economic forecast of a constant slowdown of global growth (with implications for numbers of international students) and issues evolving from the global ageing population (and implications on lifelong learning strategies and numbers of local students).


The author concludes: “In the middle of this storm, universities that continue to glorify mediocrity and impose compliant thinking are condemned to perish. These victims of the storm may still consider that is safer to shut their eyes and stay comfortable within the limits of the status quo. After all, this is what has worked well for the last century. However, on the day after the storm, higher education will be anything but comfortable. The era of compliance and contentment is over!”

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