Seven Themes for the Coming Decade

28 Dec

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1) Go East! – the world’s economic center has shifted to northern Russia. By 2025, it may return to central Asia – just north of where it was a thousand years ago.

2) Urbanize – By mid-century, 80% of the world’s population will be urban, mostly in the developing world.

3) Good to the Last Drop – Oil production has already peaked in 54 out of the 65 largest oil-producing countries, including the United States. The world is not running out of oil, just cheap oil.

4) Digitize Me – Economics is becoming less about ownership and more about access.

5) Smarter, Faster, Stronger – Humanity, as a whole, is more connected, educated, and healthier than ever – and this will lead to sustained innovation.

6) Stuck in Neutral – Political gridlock has kept the difficult questions from being asked. A lack of clarity regarding future government policies has created an environment of economic uncertainty and doubt. The looming risk of collapse in some industrialized nations may open the doors for radical elements.

7) Gray Boom – The industrialized northern countries will continue to grow slowly with mature, aging populations. We expect a rise in second careers and a shift toward part-time employment and small business. The “career ladder” has been replaced by a “patchwork quilt” of work opportunities.

Peter John Baskerville‘s insight:

Educational changes predicted include online education as a Government cost cutting imperative, urbanisation leading to the demand for more education, the need for education to drive necessary innovations, Gray boom looking to teaching and mentoring as a second career.

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